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"Kayla is so wonderful and supportive and I’m so thankful she was my doula! She always responded promptly with helpful advice and support and stayed in close contact when I went into labor. My birth took a quick turn and I was already pushing baby out when she arrived. She was so calm and her presence was very reassuring. My midwife was on the way for my homebirth but my baby didn’t want to wait! Kayla contacted her and actually caught my baby!!! I can’t begin to say how thankful my husband and I are that she was there! Following the birth she was wonderful to help me get comfortable and thinking of details that my husband and I weren’t focused on. I highly recommend Kayla to anyone who wants a supportive, knowledgeable, and warm supporter by their side before, during, and after birth."


"She was very Educated on vaccines and helped to make educated decisions. She didn't try to persuade me one way or the other, but only presented the facts and statistics. She listened well and always answered my questions quickly. She stood up fro what I wanted after birth to the nurses."


"Outstanding job! I couldn't have done it without her support and encouragement. Her compassion and strength helped me through a difficult labor. I always felt reassured having a knowledgable advocate on my side. It was great the way she made suggestions that were helpful but still gave me the space and freedom to do what felt right for me. She was a great cheerleader and never overbearing. I am forever grateful that she was available to be there with me through the entire process. Physical help such as hip presses and supporting my lower back were very helpful techniques. Job well done - would recommend you to anyone!"


"Kayla was so supportive and encouraging prior to birth. She was always available when needed and provided helpful knowledge. The night of my birth she communicated well through text. When she arrived my birth was progressing quickly. She stayed calm and supportive while also directing me to an optimal birth position. She caught my baby and remained totally calm. I am so incredibly thankful she was there and handled this unexpected event perfectly. She was amazing after birth as well and encouraged me to hydrate and eat. She also took tons of pictures which was important to me. We are so thankful and will recommend her to anyone!"


Kayla is so amazing, I cannot say enough about how much she helped me! I couldn't have asked for a more helpful or knowledgable Doula! I am so glad she was there for my birth and will be singing her praises for ever!!! Don't miss out on hiring this one! You won't regret it!


"Kayla is an awesome doula! She was there for us every step of the way. She helped keep our hospital room calm and serene. She helped me with many comfort techniques and even helped tach my husband some of what she was doing so he could step in and help more hands on himself. She was always very knowledgable and had MANY educational recourses but was never in any way overbearing. She supported me in every decision I made and did not judge me when I ended up choosing an epidural and she even helped me get into different positions after the epidural had taken effect to keep labor progressing. I am so glad we chose her to be our doula!"